Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?
The practice of using organic search engine results to boost the quality and quantity of your traffic. Understanding search engines is half the secret of a truly successful brand.
Don´t let your good ideas go unheard.

Site Audit

Includes a deep analysis of your website with statistics about performance, page speed and crawlability data - is your sitemap and structure SEO-friendly?

Keyword research and strategy

First we establish trending keywords that best describe your audience, then we optimise your content, design and strategy.

Competitor analysis

With data tracking and comparison we bring your on-page content to competitive speed.

Implementing changes

After all the research and analysis the updates will be implemented. Putting the data to good use whilst still following the discussed strategy.

Link Building

To increase your ranks by off-page means, we will help you reach out to new audiences by writing blog posts or publishing in news outlets to forge long lasting bonds.

Content Update

Maintaining your higher Search Engine rank depends on constant updates to keep your site up to date. We do that by providing SEO-friendly content for you.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

What is SMM?
A form of online marketing that uses social media as its main platform. The goal is to generate content to be shared by a community on social media and therefore increase your exposure.
At IT Sentinel we believe that Social Media is a crucial part of determining your online success. That's why we created this efficient Social Media plan for you to fine tune your online presence.

Account management

Contains an overview on information and statistics about your progress and user interaction with scheduled posts and updates for you.

Content incorporation

Your ideas are getting distributed on different Social Media channels in formats that best resonate with your audience.

Image construction and brand awareness

The best way to be remembered is steady flow of content and ads that do not interrupt the user experience. That way, we help your voice to get heard.

Audience interaction

Following our philosophy, we provide a boost in audience activity through reliable communication. From daily to weekly posts and replying to comments.

Advertisement campaign

With predictions about impressions and influence, we are able to fine tune your advertisement and start them when your audience is online.

Create a community

These steps build a strong foundation for your community through constant and customised interaction on all platforms. Don't let them wait.


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