App Review 2019 is an Android App that is available on the Google Play Store. The company is located in Austria and the app is available worldwide.

An Easy Way to Show Visitors Your Expertise Got An Overhaul

How to establish trust with potential customers? Have someone else say something great about you! Due to that some five-star reviews are from

The End of Half-hearted News Blogs?

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash   Over the last few months an update rolled out in the Google algorithm to rank original sources in the news

Über zwei Drittel der Deutschen können sich nicht an "sichtbare" Online-Ads erinnern

Photo by Vi Vibbit on Unsplash Most brands bet on viewability to raise brand awareness. A new report by Outbrain lets that picture crumble. 69% of

Qualify your outbound links to Google

A change in how you can qualify your outbound links towards Google has hit the SEO world. Formerly known as rel=”nofollow”, if you don’t want to be